“I truly do believe that we are designed to be a part of a collective”.
5 Training Tips to Perfect Your Double Unders Technique
Effective for building cardiovascular endurance, coordination, and overall fitness, mastering the art of double unders can be challenging. To help you elevate your skills and make this exercise a seamless part of your workout routine, we’ll explore five essential training tips to set you up for success.
Planning To Train For Your First Marathon? Here’s Some Tips!
Embarking on the journey of training for your first marathon is an enormous decision that involves a healthy dose of anxiety, excitement, and determination. Here’s our tips on where to begin and what to think about when preparing for your first marathon.
Melbourne Central | Official Store Opening
LSKD Melbourne Central is now open!
“I want to make sure that I really give everything a go in life, because at the end of the day, I just believe that you're always so much more capable than you think and you can do whatever you put your mind to"
From a high school nickname to a global sportswear brand, Jason’s 20-year journey has been nothing short of inspiring. Always finding comfort in being uncomfortable, Jason has imprinted his love for pushing his own limits onto LSKD's mission and purpose as a global brand.
To My Past, Present or Future Self...
As we take care of each other this World Mental Health Day, a reminder to take care of yourselves, and...
5 Must-Do Trail Runs in Australia
You want to start trail running? Then don't miss out on our blog about essentials for trail running. Dive into our trail running gear guide and be prepared for your first run with LSKD.
"I just want to be known as someone that never leaves anything to chance" "Even if I don't achieve a...
We Rise
Did you know that 57 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer every day, and that 3200 of them will lose...
Trail Running Gear Guide - Essentials You Need!
You want to start trail running? Then don't miss out on our blog about essentials for trail running. Dive into our trail running gear guide and be prepared for your first run with LSKD.
Introducing the LSKD Library
Discover the books that have shaped LSKD, inspired our values, and fuel us on our mission to inspire you to be 1% better every day.
We Changed Our Mission
It’s official; we’ve changed our mission…
Carindale | Official Store Opening
LSKD Carindale is now open!
All-Aboard The BAF Bus
We’re bringing our Big As F*ck double-decker bus to you, our community, on our Chase The Vibe Tour! THE BAF...
“Everything happens for a reason, and it’s so cliche, but it does” “It teaches you so many valuable lessons whilst...
“I’d like to be described as someone who inspires” “That’s a big part of why I do what I do”...
Don't Wait
Every day in Australia, we lose 9 people to suicide. 75% of those are male. The latest documentary from LSKD...
“For me, running is my meditation. It’s the way I clear my thoughts to make sure I’m ready to attack...
Celebrating the O.G. that started it all.
Your Ultimate Guide To CrossFit
Are you looking to explore CrossFit and want to know all the ins and outs? CrossFit is a form of...
Macarthur Square | Official Store Opening
LSKD Macarthur Square is now open!
“Running has given me my identity as a person. It’s given me a purpose” “It's given me an outlet for...
Trenten Merrill is a Track and Field weapon and Paralympian aiming for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. He competes in...
LSKD team set to take on the 2023 Gold Coast Marathon
From months of training and rigid race day preparation to others just here to chase the vibe, this is how Team LSKD is preparing for the 2023 Gold Coast Marathon.
“It's not the most forgiving sport, but I definitely enjoy the feeling of being on my bike” Logan Martin began...
2023 CrossFit Semifinals Wrap Up
“Do things you tell yourself you’re gonna do. I told myself before this season that I’d be making it to the CrossFit Games and this weekend WE made it happen!” – Emily Rethwill
Global Run Day 2023
In celebration of Global Run Day, we had 200+ runners from renowned run clubs from Brisbane to the Gold Coast lace up for a 5km run with us from Kurrawa Surf Club.
Ride For Pride
A Saturday night to remember with BIG energy, BIG vibes, and LOTS of sweat.
There’s space for you here and you’re here to be you. Rep With Pride 2023 is about individuality in unison, together but unique. 
LSKD Value 6/6: 1% Better Every Day
If you’ve been following our journey, then you would have heard us talk a lot about our values and our...
Bondi | Official Store Opening
Our sixth and biggest store yet is now officially open at Westfield Bondi Junction!
CrossFit Games: The Ins & Outs
“For athletes, the CrossFit Games is the culmination of years of hard work, leading up to one nerve-wracking moment in...
“It always seems impossible, until its done” Sara Sigmundsdóttir is an Icelandic powerhouse weightlifting and CrossFit athlete with a story...
In 2015 at the age of 12, Keira started competing in Para-swimming. “I am an extremely competitive person, so I...
Full Body vs. Split Routines: Which is Best for Building Strength?
When it comes to developing strength, it has been long debated about what the most effective way to structure workouts is.
Strength Training For Runners: It's A Must
Alongside long runs and speed-work, runners can take it to the next level by incorporating strength training into their routine.
Miranda | Official Store Opening
From planning, to prep, to launch day… Miranda we’re finally ready to chase the vibe with you!
“Don’t overthink it too much, because it doesn’t really matter.” Louis Riley has been skating for 19 years. Taking to...
Progressive Overload: How To Continuously Challenge Your Muscles
Progressive overload is a training principle used to increase the capacity of the body to perform overtime.
“I think what gymnastics means to me is a space to create a story, to create artistry, and to leave...
Everything You Need To Know For CrossFit Workouts
First time heading into the box for a workout? Here’s everything you need to know!
Run Faster For Longer: Top Training Tips
Want to run faster for longer and be 1% better every day? Well, here is our top tips to do so!
“I want to celebrate the body I have, while I still have it.” – Matt Dlugos For Matt Dlugos, physical...
DB Circuit With Coach Suz
LSKD athlete and fitness coach Susie Stokes shared her killer 30-minute dumbbell only workout that will get your whole body working!
Welcome To The Athlete Team Heath
Heath Thorpe is an All-Around professional Australian Gymnast, currently ranked #50 in the world.
CrossFit FAQ's Answered
Do I have to be fit to start CrossFit? How long is a CrossFit workout? How much does CrossFit cost? We answer all your questions here!
“I still have this clear memory from when I ran my first ever running race when I was 8 years...
Best Socks For Performance & Everyday
Need socks? We’ve got lots!
How To Start Running: A Beginners Guide
Are you a new to running? Looking to simply improve your fitness? But you’re not sure where to start?
Vanessa Angerer: The 25x25 Challenge For Mental Health
To raise funds and awareness for mental health, LSKD Athlete Vanessa Angerer will be running 25km every day, for 25 days.
LSKD x That One Blond Kid
Our second hat collab with Jeremiah Davis AKA 'That One Blond Kid' has come to life in 3 vibrant colourways.
LSKD x Miami 2023
Over 30 hours of travel, and the LSKD team has arrived in Miami, Florida for the 2023 Wodapalooza Fitness Festival.
Welcome To The Athlete Team James
James Newbury is a professional CrossFit Athlete based on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Chermside | Official Store Opening
On the 3rd of December 2022, we officially opened our third retail store at Westfield Chermside Brisbane.
How To Wear Men's Performance Tights
Why should women have all the fun? Men can benefit from the versatility of tights too!
Setting SMART Fitness Goals In 2023
Many of us are looking for ways to become healthier, fitter, stronger and faster, but often set goals that are too vague or too difficult.
2022 Wrap Up
2022 is the year #chasethevibe took on a life of its own. Here’s what went down.
InBody Scans
An In-Body scan gives you data and insight about your unique body composition so you can make plans to be...
Our Newest Fabric: PimaFLX
Looking for the ultimate workout tee that is ultra-soft, durable, and lightweight? Meet PimaFLX.
Rogan Dean: New Me, Same Goal
For someone who had his world turned upside down, Rogan was determined to continue his athletic career, no matter his limitations.
15 Minute Booty Pump with Abbey Hall
Looking for a fast and effective booty workout that you can do anywhere at any time? Look no further.
The Best Mens Training Shorts
LSKD has a growing collection of shorts that combines purpose and function with unique technical properties...
LSKD x GS - Sweater Restocked
After selling out in minutes, Georgie Stevenson’s spin on the community favourite Slam Sweater has restocked!
Breast Cancer Wrap Up 2022
Breast Cancer Awareness month may be over… but that doesn’t mean the conversation ends.
EcoCart X LSKD
We have partnered with EcoCart to greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your order!
LSKD Rewards
Guess what? You can now earn rewards for reppin’ LSKD. Here is everything you need to know!
Road To Recovery: Natalya Diehm
We are often asked the question…
What Does LSKD Stand For?
We are often asked the question…
Chadstone | Official Store Opening
In case you missed it, on the 1st of October we started a new chapter and opened our very first retail store in Chadstone Shopping Centre.
Breast Cancer Collection 2022
Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in Australia with 1 in 7 women being diagnosed in their lifetime.
Welcome To The Athlete Team Anikha
My name is Anikha Greer, I am a 19 year old CrossFit Athlete from Prince Edward Island, Canada
LSKD X Khan Porter HQ Workout
Ever wanted to know what a workout with 7 x CrossFit Games Athlete and strength coach Khan Porter is like? Well, we got a taste of that.
Bree Masters: From the Beach to the Track
This first episode of our 1% Better Series delves into Bree’s past as an athlete.
This first episode of our 1% Better Series delves into Bree’s past as an athlete.
A rainbow takeover has begun at LSKD… Starting with an 18 piece collection of some of our favourite fits.
WRAP UP | 465km for Mental Health
LSKD Athlete Vanessa Angerer has run more than 465km in the month of April and raised her target of $2,000 for mental health charity Stay ChatTY.
Behind the Brand: History of the HQ
A 20 year timeline on where we’ve come from, where we’ve been and where we are now.
Best Places To Work 2022
We’re so pumped to announce we have placed 10th in the Australian Financial Review / BOSS Magazine’s ‘Best Places to Work 2022’
International Womens Day Event
Today we celebrated women in the most beautiful light; inspired by International Women’s Day, we held an event.
Vanessa Angerer: 465km for Mental Health
For each day of April, Vanessa will run that equivalent number in kilometres; so for the 1st of April, that’s 1 km, for the 2nd that’s 2km and so on…
Chasing Greatness: Harry Garside
“In the future, looking back on my life; I want to feel that every single day I woke up searching...
“Create a Community” - LSKD Value 2/6
If you’ve been following along our journey as a brand for a while now you would have heard us talk...
IWD 2022
To celebrate International Womens Day we want to highlight some of the powerful women behind LSKD.
Flood Waters Community Update
Hey Crew, as most of you have seen by now, QLD and NSW are being hit hard with some of floods.
LSKD HQ | Opening Weekend
This past weekend was the official opening weekend of our first retail store and our new HQ. Friday night kicked...
The 311 Wrap Up
31km of running 961 minutes of exercise 96.1 litres of water 155 minutes of stretching 961 minutes of learning All...
Welcome To LSKD HQ
Back in September 2020 we put pen to paper on the first drawings of our new LSKD HQ.
LSKD x Logan Martin Premiere
What an epic night. Logan Martin joined up with the LSKD crew in July 2019 but it feels like a lifetime.
Surf Supplies For The Lombok Boys
The 5 world class breaks at Gerupuk, Lombok attract surfers from across the globe; the local grommets are anything but...
Functional Fun With The F45 Crew
Last week we got together with F45 Sherman Oaks in LA, to throw down a group workout with their members!...
311 Challenge: Starts 1 Jan 2022
311 = 31 DAYS. 1% BETTER. Don’t worry - this isn’t another new year resolution. January is a popular time...
Breast Cancer Awareness Collection
1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer...
Help us support one of our own
We like to think we’re more than a group of like minded mates at LSKD; we’re a family. One of...
Recycle for an LSKD voucher
Every year 800 million kilograms of textile waste is disposed of in Australia.Globally 87% of all disposed textiles end up...
The Story Behind 'Bianca Orange'
A couple of months ago we were hyping up the legends in our LSKD Facebook Community Group about our new...
Returns should be easy!
Online shopping is easy, so returns should be too! We all know the feeling of waiting for your new purchase...
We brought Limitless Seamless to the US!
After over 12 months of research and development our range of Seamless activewear was released to the world in June...
Behind The Design | Limitless Seamless
Limitless Seamless is our 7 piece activewear collection designed to bring the perfect fit and feel of a seamless product...
We imagine you guys have a couple of questions… Like - beyond our rainbow logos and tights; what else are we doing?
Balloon Skydive | Locky Gilbert
LSKD ambassador Locky Gilbert came up with a plan to skydive out of a hot air balloon… So the team...
Big things are happening at LSKD HQ… The team has been working hard behind the scenes to provide an even...
Behind The Brand | Dylan Osborne
If you’re going to do it, do it right. This is the ethos of our Head of Design, Dylan Osborne.
Unfit Run Club X LSKD
If you sweat as a team you'll succeed as a team. LSKD teamed up with UNFIT RUN CLUB last weekend...
Puffer Jacket Product Launch | LSKD HQ
To celebrate the launch of our new and improved Roasted Puffer Jacket, which has been over 12 months in the...
The Build | New LSKD Global HQ
Just over 10 years ago we were sending orders from my mum’s bedroom with stock being stored in shipping containers...
Behind The Brand | Founder, Jason Daniel
  Our team wanted to share a little more about our Founder & CEO Jason Daniel, his story and how...
2020 Wrap Up
Although our plans for the year had to change drastically as we got into February and March and working from...
LSKD x TOBK Collaboration Cap
    Luck is a funny word. It’s used often to describe someone that is in the right place at...
An Unforgettable Chase the Vibe Trip with DonnyBoy Creatives
The trip that tells a thousand stories. Nick Wehrli gathered 7 creators to join him on the most un forgettable...
Andrew Pap Vibe chasin' Workout
We just launched a killer home training kit comp, stacked with $3,120 of the best AlphaFit equipment + a $500...
LSKD Team Fitstop & Brekky
The LSKD Team got together this morning for our regular Fitstop and brekky session. We started the morning off at...
Marle Collection Campaign
The idea behind the shoot was simplicity with an edge. We wanted to have the products stand out for themselves...
Chasing the vibe with Nate Crawford
Nate Crawford, one of Australia’s most passionate, successful and hardworking motocross riders is chasing the vibe in Southern France experiencing...
60 Minute Yoga class with Brent Campbell 1B
Join Brent for this 60-minute Introductory Class to YOGA. This continues to build from his first class and introduces a...
At home CORE BLAST with Mikaela Dibi-Blasio
Personal Trainer and health advocate Mikaela Di-Blasio shared one of her favourite CORE BLASTING at home workout with us. 30...
At home Chair Workout with Mikaela Di-Blasio
Do you have a kitchen chair? Mikaela Di-Blasio shares with us how she uses a kitchen chair for the ultimate...
60 Minute Yoga class with Brent Campbell
We joined Brent Campbell for a 60 minute Beginner, Level 1 at home Yoga Class. This special at home beginners...
Chasing the Vibe with Creator Tanner Baisden
The world is a different place but that doesn’t stop Tanner from chasing the vibe, working hard and creating EPIC...
At Home Workout with Personal Trainer Koko Kerdel
Brisbane based PT and adventure lover Koko Kerdel has a different use for her Penny Board putting it to great...
Homestyle Collection
Got the Iso Blues? Stuck at home? No stress we’ve got your back! Our new Homestyle collection just dropped in...
It is our mission to inspire people to chase the vibe. Right now, the world is a very strange and...
Tyler Hanley & Alex Hayes Take LSKD down the East Coast
Tyler Hanley, Alex Hayes, Cooper Chapman, Ned Simes and Trystin Sinnott take LSKD down the East Cost of Australia on...
Andrew Pap Workout
Chase the vibe with Fitness Ambassador Andrew Pap. We want to keep giving you motivation through these tough times. Our...
We are stoked to announce our new partnership with Jeremiah Davis, know globally as THATONEBLONDKID (TOBK). It has almost been...
Active Escapes x LSKD
LSKD Partners with Active Escapes for 2020   We are so excited to announce our partnership with Active Escapes. Our...
Beats & Eats
Friday 31st January LSKD hosted their Cystic Fibrosis Charity Event; Beats & Eats with a mission to not only help...
Drone Delivery
LSKD has teamed up with WING to deliver your packages by drone. Flying into 2020, you can now get your...
Coming to the end of an insane 2019, we created a quick recap video to show you how LSKD inspires...
Isiah Hilt Podcast
Got to sit down with Isiah Hilt at Venice beach. After shooting some content for the latest LSKD collection. We...
Dan Rich Podcast
In this podcast I got to sit down and chat with AFL legend and top bloke Dan Rich. Dan Rich...
Andrew Pap X LSKD
In this podcast I got to sit down and talk to Andrew Pap, but before we through that down, the...
Jackson O'Doherty Podcast
Got the pleasure to sit down with social media entertainer and all round good dude, Jackson O'Doherty. We Chatted all...
Shammi Podcast
I had the privilege to sit down with comedian, social media icon and top bloke, Shammi Parasad. Shammi has accumulated...
Darcy Ward Podcast
I had the privilege to sit down with great friend and 2 time under 21 Speedway Champion Darcy Ward. Darcy...
Nathan Crawford Podcast
I recently had the privilege to sit down with great friend and Professional Athlete Nathan Crawford – Currently "Nato" is...
Tyler Hanley x LSKD
Sydney based content creator Tyler Hanley showcasing his vibe while travelling the world doing what he loves. #Chasethevibe   Follow...
New Collection shoot at our local Cafe
The Collection For our first drop this month, we have introduced a range of banger new styles to inject some...
Logan Martin x LSKD
Life's Better in Denims
FROM THE CREATOR For this season, we focused on developing clean and modern styles, with fit and wearability in mind....
Collab | Penny x LSKD Skateboard
Donuts and Nutella, good friends and parties, singlets and shorts. Some things are just supposed to be together. And that's...
We raised over $10K for CFQ
Here at LKI we love getting involved with our community, bringing them together and giving back to charity. As we...