Find Discomfort, Discover Growth

Find Discomfort, Discover Growth

In a world of instant gratification… find discomfort, discover growth.

Introducing a unique functional fitness collaboration with LSKD Athlete, @cassolholm.⁠

Cass is a coach, mother and fitness advocate who embodies the discipline and desire for discomfort that’s required to be 1% better every day.

“No one can gift it to you, you earn it.”

Cass instils her passion for growth into her young daughter and her growing community.

“Failure is part of the process of progress. You’re not really failing, you're learning something every time. In order to see growth, in anything in life, you have to go out of that comfort zone."

The ‘WHY’ changes in different chapters of your life, the process doesn’t.

Find discomfort, discover growth.

The curated 5 piece collection comes in 5 uniquely ‘Cass’ colourways across some of our most popular core functional fitness styles like Fusion and Lift.

Designed to bring back focus to every session, so you can find the discomfort and discover the growth.

"I named the the LSKD x Cass Olholm collection, 'Find Discomfort, Discover Growth”, because I embrace and embody the fact that discomfort leads to growth. I believe that in order to progress, you have to put in the work and you have to endure a little discomfort. That is what’s required to be 1% better every day.

Not just in your training, but in any aspect of life.

I’ve included the quote “No Growth In The Comfort Zone. No Comfort In The Growth Zone.” on the Growth Zone Tee, as your reminder to shift your mindset and perspective. Rather than focussing on what’s uncomfortable, which can invoke a negative feeling, focus on the fact that this challenging position likely means you are in a position of growth. You are likely growing, progressing, or evolving.

Progress: it can’t be bought, it can’t be gifted, it must be earned.

In a world of instant gratification… find discomfort, discover growth.

- Cass Olholm