Womens Sports Bras

At LSKD, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort over style. We are here to support you where it’s needed most, whilst looking your best.

Best sports bras Australia

Our sports bras are designed with the everyday athlete in mind, bringing technical performance across different styles of women's sports bras. Made with the same performance fabric as we use in our tights & leggings. Whether it’s a high intensity sweat sesh, a heavy lifting day, an early morning walk or a hike into the hinterland, our range of sports bras will have you covered and supported.

We have a variety of sizes available, ranging from XXS all the way through to 3XL, with a collection of classic, neutral and on-trend colours and patterns to shop from. Explore the range with features including clasps, cusps and unique strap designs to suit any preference.

Our range consists of everyday support, medium support and high support bras, allowing flexibility that's suitable for your chosen activity. Feeling like a recovery day? Check out our lounge bra range made with soft cotton and a street-inspired look that can go with any fit. Looking to colour-coordinate your fit? We offer matching sets so don’t have to do any work except pick which pattern or colour you like best.

Why you should wear a sports bra when working out?

Wearing a sports bra when training is vitally important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides essential support to the chest area, helping to prevent any discomfort during physical activity. Secondly, it keeps you feeling secure and comfortable during exercise, allowing you to concentrate on your workout. Thirdly, it helps to reduce any unwanted movement of the breasts during physical activity, as well as help to reduce the risk of skin irritation, which can be caused by excessive movement or friction. Wearing a sports bra is an essential part of any training routine and is essential for both performance and comfort.

For low-intensity workouts such as yoga, our sports bras include 4-way stretching fabric, which easily moves with you. Giving you maximum comfort with a form-fitting cut and minimal seams to catch or irritate your skin. For high-intensity workouts such as running and training, we offer moisture-wicking and breathable material to help you chase the vibe in comfort.

LSKD's women's sports bra range combines the winning attributes of our multi-directional stretch tights fabric with street-inspired looks to keep you at the top of your performance and continue the push to be 1% better every day. Shop the full women's sports bra range and reach out to the team with any questions!

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