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Kyle LeBlanc x LSKD

Kyle LeBlanc x LSKD


Born and raised in San Diego California, Kyle was always active, growing up playing sports including surfing and skateboarding. Kyle went on to run track and play football at Idaho State University, graduating in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in communications. During his time at college, Kyle needed art for his apartment and decided to make some of his own. Not growing up doing any sort of art or taking any art classes, he didn't have any experience and just wanted to take on the challenge. After making a few pieces Kyle says his life changed.

“I went from thinking that my best trait was on a field playing sports, to understanding my art was who I am. It was strange doing something so foreign, but quickly falling in love so fast.” 

At this stage of his life, Kyle experienced a weight of sadness and disappointing moments that strongly affected him, but he says finding art made a big difference in his life.

“I am very fortunate that I stumbled across this new side to me because it has allowed me to turn into the best version of my true self.”


His work now primarily consists of acrylic on canvas. At the start of his journey, he worked many side jobs to pay the bills for about 1-2 years before he finally decided to make the leap and make art his full-time job.

“When I first started doing art fulltime my art was not crazy amazing, and is still not perfect, but the strength of my dedication and support network made it all possible for me. In saying that, a lot of my family and close friends still thought that this idea of mine was a little crazy, but staying positive and believing in myself was the key component that made it all happen.”

Over the years, Kyle has developed art for worldwide galleries, murals for local businesses, and custom paintings for top musicians and athletes of the world. Growing up feeling like he didn’t fit in, he soon realised that’s okay.

“My goal as an artist is to help remind people how unique and special, they are. I hope people can relate to my story and hear me out; fitting in isn't cool anymore. Just be you and run wild with it.”


This jacket I have designed with LSKD has been an unreal experience. It represents the convergence of my artistic expression with fashion and sports. Every aspect of this jacket is inspired by my paintings and drawings. The intention behind this design is to create a bridge between your passions and art, whatever they may be. For me, that bridge connects sport to art. Art has a grounding effect, slowing down the chaotic pace of the world to illuminate the joy found in what truly matters.

The inspiration for this jacket stems from my personal journey—transforming from an athlete to an artist. Embracing this shift allowed me to become the truest and best version of myself, as opposed to conforming to the athlete persona others expected. The jacket serves as a constant reminder to embrace authenticity, pursue your wildest dreams, and savour every moment of the journey. The checker print is a symbol of speed and a camo to the variety patch and embroidery work, aiming to slow the viewer down. Life moves so fast, and we are constantly surrounded by beauty, and sometimes we just need an excuse to slow down and enjoy the ‘now’.

Designed in San Diego, California.
Only 150 jackets made.
Each one numbered, each one to inspire and bring joy.

Kyle LeBlanc x LSKD Jacket - Black-White