We imagine you guys have a couple of questions…

Like - beyond our rainbow logos and tights; what are we actually doing for Pride Month? And why?

So hang with us for a sec -

You can binge 2 hours and 17 minutes of TikTok… You can read a couple paragraphs ;)

We want to celebrate this month for our LGBTQIA+ community; for our friends and family members, for our LSKD Crew and for our awesome customers. But it’s also about starting a conversation that otherwise may not happen. -or- shining a light on something that may be obvious and apparent to some but unfamiliar to others.

June was given the ‘LGBT+ Pride Month’ title by Barrack Obama in 09’, but it marks the anniversary of an important event in the 60’s for the gay rights movement. On June 28 1969 police raided the Stonewall Inn (a gay club in New York City); gay men, lesbians as well as anyone accused of dressing as another gender were routinely arrested, but this time; the police came to seize the bar itself. Hundreds of patrons and locals fought off the raid, with riots and protests continuing for 6 days afterwards.

To commemorate and continue the fight for equal rights ‘Gay Pride Week’ and the Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade was established by bi-sexual activist Brenda Howard the following year and it spread; quickly becoming adopted around the world as a landmark celebration for gay rights and the LGBT+ community.

June is a month to celebrate our LGBT+ fam and their fight to be respected and recognised! Our Pride Collection is 13 pieces from scrunchies to tights in our most loved styles. Have a gander and see what you like.

5% of sales from the collection is going to ‘Wear It Purple’ who support Schools, Universities and Youth Organisations in setting up inclusive experiences. Read some more about what they do here.

Anyone can chase the vibe - #repwithpride

PS: Listen to the first episode of the 'Chasing the vibe' podcast below, recounting the personal experiences of Jade our Customer Support Manager and Jemma our Customer Support Team Lead.

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