Patty Mills x LSKD

Patty Mills x LSKD

Written by: Bree Masters

With a remarkable career spanning 15 seasons in the NBA, over 800 career games, and chasing the vibe to Paris, Patty Mills truly embodies the essence of resilience and dedication, aligning strongly with our mission to be 1% better every day. As he joins our family, we hope that together, we can inspire communities around Australia and beyond.

"This partnership really is super special. Obviously not only being Australian, but the values that LSKD have throughout their workplace aligns very well with who I am, who me and Alyssa are, and who Team Mills is as well and what we try to accomplish on a day to day basis no matter what we do. I have been looking forward to this for a long time and this is obviously going to inspire this group here, but hopefully it can inspire a whole country as well as we chase the vibe to Paris."Patty Mills.

We teamed up with Patty to bring you a fresh new collection inspired by sporting legends, past, present, and future. The Aussie spirit and sporting pride are represented in the topographical prints, patterns, and textures. These elements pay homage to the beautiful Australian landscape and the green and gold of past sporting icons etched into history.

The collection aims to pay tribute to iconic Australian sporting legends like Cathy Freeman and Ian Thorpe, drawing inspiration from their legacy and the beautiful Australian landscape. This collaboration also incorporates Mills’ mantra, “Can’t Touch My DESTINY!”, symbolising the journey of carving one's path while honoring the trailblazers before.

“Can’t Touch My Destiny comes from you being able to understand what your destiny is and also understanding that you’re in control of that, whatever that is..whatever life throws at you…you're able to deflect that, keep your eye on the prize, head down and be in full control of your own destiny.” - Patty Mills

To celebrate this new partnership, on Monday, June 24th, the team was pumped to have Patty and his trainer take them through a morning mobility session at LSKD HQ. Bringing his trademark enthusiasm and positivity to the event, and known for his skill on the court and his commitment to community off it, we really apprecited Patty taking time out of his busy schedule to visit us at HQ to welcome him home and into our LSKD family.

"I just want to say thank you to LSKD and everyone that's been involved in not only pulling off an amazing collection, but more importantly to me and my wife, welcoming us to this family. It has been very special for us, especially being on the other side of the world, and a partnership like this really feels and brings us closer to home." - Patty Mills

Thank you so much to Patty for popping in and sweating with the LSKD HQ team! We can't wait to see you in action next month!

1% Better Every Day.

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Duo wearing Patty Mills Destiny Track Pants - Laguna

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