Hey Team,

I am super pumped to align myself with LSKD. A brand that is proudly Australian and also aligns with values I uphold everyday.

Rocking these green and gold threads isn’t just about style - it’s about repping Aussie pride and coming along for the journey to chase the vibe to Paris. L
ook good, feel good and let’s show the world what Aussie spirit is all about!

And remember… You’re in control of your destiny!!


Patty Mills Collection Launches In:


Patty Mills and LSKD have collaborated to bring you a new collection inspired by sporting legends, past, present and future.

The Aussie spirit and sporting pride, represented in the topographical prints, patterns and textures across Patty’s collection are a nod to the beautiful Australian landscape with the green and gold of past sporting icons that have been etched into history.

The path may have been carved by those before you, but greatness still awaits those willing to chase their destiny.

The journey begins now…
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From the LSKD design team...

The journey working with Patty from ideation to the finalisation of this collection was a truly epic and inspirational process. From our early discussions, it was evident how strong Patty’s pride and passion for Australian sporting history were. I could genuinely feel how much representing Australia in the green and gold meant to him. We wanted to capture that essence and use it as inspiration for this collection without making it feel like a uniform. We incorporated three main elements into this collection to bring it to life: the faded greens and yellows, the outback topographic print, and Patty’s “Can’t touch my destiny” mantra. I am incredibly proud of the whole team for how we brought this together and delivered something special. Working with athletes like Patty, who align so clearly with LSKD’s mission and values, is truly rewarding and motivates us to continue creating impactful products and moments like this.