Thanks for the support legend! Unfortunately past orders won't count. Only orders made from 18th June 2021.

Unfortunately not! We had to draw the line somewhere and that line is from UPDATE June!

Sorry legend! LSKD All Stars is new! Points only count for purchases from the kick off date!

Every $1 spent is 1 point!

Absolutely not! Tell everyone!

If you return for a refund, then no, you will not get points for that gear! If you’re just doing an exchange or you’re all sweet the points will still count.

Absolutely! They will be linked to your email address so no need to stress!

Ahhh, kinda. Your status will depend on each dollar spent on LSKD gear (see full T&Cs for the status breakdown).

This can be found under your account login here.

You will be prompted at check out to redeem points if you have enough to redeem on a purchase!

Unfortunately the accounts will be separate but shout out to our customer support legends via email and they might be able to hook you up!

Sure is! Sign up here

Not at all!

You can’t send points. If they haven't shopped with us before, send them a friend discount or tell them to get off their butt and sign up for LSKD All Stars!

Yep! You get 1 point for every $1 spent.


Check out the rewards page for benefits per tier here

You can use them across as many transactions as you want legend!

Sure will! This will happen on selected sales and drops!

This shouldn't be an issue. You will need to purchase under your account, however you will be able to edit the shipping details at check out!

Check out your Rewards History in your account here

Legend, they don’t expire!

Sure can! All deets are on the rewards page here

Not every day, BUT, there may be one off promotions or celebrations where this will happen! Stay tuned!


Couldn't find your question? Contact our customer support team for more help here