FLXDRY is our premium cotton fabric blend – designed to keep you cooler and dry faster, with technology that combines the comfort of cotton with moisture-wicking performance that rivals any competitive fiber in the market. We start with a super soft cotton-elastane blend providing superior stretch and shape retention; Some of the cotton yarns are treated with a special process to make them water-repellent. The repellent yarns are blended with the right amount of absorbent cotton yarns to create channels for the movement of moisture. This means the moisture can be moved away from the skin and evaporated quickly; as a result, the fabric does not become over-saturated and clingy during exercise, leaving you feeling dryer, lighter and cooler.


FLXDRY is constructed to move moisture from the inside of the garment to the outside, which allows the wearer to stay drier for longer.


Unlike other synthetic fabrics typically associated with performance garments, FLXDRY feels and looks exactly like traditional cotton.


FLXDRY technology allows fabrics to dry faster. But don’t worry, it’s durable throughout the lifetime of the garment.


Compared to typical polyester shirts, studies have shown that a FLXDRY shirt results in 2° cooler body temperature for the wearer.


Traditional cotton fabrics absorb moisture rapidly and can quickly become saturated retaining as much as 20-40% more moisture than synthetic fabrics. However, cotton fabrics treated with FLXDRY technology redefine what we normally think about cotton fabrics becoming so wet. Cotton actually can dry faster than or as fast as competitors in the market – by absorbing less moisture and spreading it at a faster rate, allowing it to evaporate quickly.