LSKD is already well known for its community contribution with thousands of dollars raised for charity through a range of events. Project Earth is our opportunity to focus on the environment and once a quarter commit to an environmentally focused project in our local communities across Australia. This can be as simple as a community beach clean, planting trees or pulling rubbish from our waterways.


We have already shared our goals internally as a team and have formed a committee of passionate Planet Earth ambassadors to effect change. As a team we have committed to the following:

• More ways of recycling available in the office reduction in printing and paper use by 20% each year 
• Providing a cycle to work scheme supported by the business to reduce carbon emissions allowing a more flexible working from home policy to reduce commuter emissions and energy usage 
• All energy used by the LSKD Head Office facility to be of a ‘green’ or renewable source by 2021 
• Advocate social welfare inside and outside the business conduct formal education with external bodies surrounding sustainability and fashion.


• All package for garments and swing tags to be biodegradable a sustainably focused capsule range recognising sustainable production strategies and contributing money to the Project Earth initiative.

• Exploring avenues in our supply chain that will balance out our environmental obligations such as BCI, with a focus on sustainable cotton and reduction in water usage for production.

• Recycled polyester usage increased finding more innovative and sustainable ways of production both locally and abroad - partnering with local fabric manufacturers to develop and produce ranges develop environmental profit and loss visibility

• Product recycling, partnerships with thrift stores and clothing charities, encourage circular economy

• Research inbound opportunities for sustainable packaging from factories reduction of our carbon footprint to help battle climate change.