Behind The Scenes | #CouchLife

Have you ever looked at the couch and wondered how fast it’d go if you bolted some skateboard wheels to the thing and sent it down a hill?

Here at LKI, it’s just one of the crazy concoctions we’ve dreamt up, just to see if it’d work.

Ten years ago LKI founder Jason Daniel and defending Australian Supercross Champion Dan Reardon actually thought up the idea and executed the idea, but with no social media and the footage going AWOL, it was time to revisit the contraption.

Jason bought an old couch off Gumtree for $100, got on the tools for four hours and converted the sofa into a mobile, steerable – but brakeless – vehicle. Jason and his mate Felzy then took the sofa to the top of a hill, jumped on and held on for dear life as they topped 75km/h on the first attempt, steering the couch with their feet.

“The adrenalin gets pretty gnarly because you know you can’t stop,” Jason laughs. “After that first attempt we filmed we thought it’d be pretty cool to push it further and time it to go through a set of traffic lights.”

They found a hill nearby that worked and hatched a plan to give it a go early on a Sunday morning, with around 15 crew from the offices coming to help out.


Vehicles were strategically placed on the lights to stop traffic enough to give the boys enough space to get through the intersection without causing chaos.

It worked a treat and now the team is working on new plans and ideas to show crazy ways LKI breathes its vision of Living Your Lifestyle.

“We regularly get excited and come up with new ideas,” says Jason. “It’s all a bit of fun but I’ve got a few ideas in my head of what to do with the couch now. I really want to get it up to 100km/h eventually.”

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