B A L I with Juchey and Blake

Our mates Blake & Jaran are currently soaking up the Sun and Living the Dream over in Bali, We caught up with them to see what they have been upto and to give us the rundown of their recent video for us!
 G'day Fella's, 
Bali.. Is there a better place for an adventure? Whats the plan whilst your over there lads, Give us a run down?
 Jaran -
Hey Guys! Tidak Bli (no brother)... They call it the “island of the gods” for a reason, it is rich in history, culture, incredible landscapes and most of all adventure. Many see Bali as a holiday destination, to kick back and sink a few shit tins (bintangs), wander/stagger the streets both throughout the day and night. Inundate their socials, gallivant around and then go home and tell everyone how much of a “bargain” it was. Let’s be honest there is nothing wrong with that, we have all been there. For those that look ouside the bubble will discover a magical land that will leave you breathless, heartfull and determined to seek more. I might be getting on but I can happily say that there is only so many times you can boogie to the same disco tech tunes, talk the same rubbish and wake up feeling death ... for me, Bali is beyond the flashing lights, cheap thrills and late nights. There is much more out there. Whether you surf or not is irrelevant, you just need to be an avid adventurer, enthusiastic, willing to lose out (only to win then next time) not give up and believe. Bali and Indonesia in my opinion is what you choose to make of it, immerse yourself, be humble, learn, listen and go beyond your comfort zone. There is so much beauty, go find it.
Blake –
G'day LKI team, So I am now living 5 months deep in paradise and I have never been happier!
Everyday day is different with a new adventure!
My plan is to feed my thirst for adventure and adrenaline.
My new found passion for filming and creating content with my best mate Jaran aka ( Juchey Productions) who also lives here, drives me everyday to explore deeper and further into what the Island of the Gods has to offer.



Fellas, You are living the dream! 

So What are your top 3 things to do in Bali ?


Blake –

Well to narrow it down I would say most importantly –

Get lost and adventure without a plan and surf as many different breaks along the way as possible! No two waves are the same which is why we as surfers thrive on exploring the unknown.

Embrace the culture to the fullest by learning the native language Bahasa, enabling one to connect with the people that make this place so amazing.

Last but not least- film and share what we find and experience along the way..

Without giving the exact locations away of course haha.


Jaran –

This is a tricky one as there are a lot more than 3 things, but to give you the answer would be. 1, load up the scooter with all the gear, my chick, my mates aka brother bung Blake ! The boards and just drive. 2. Take time to stop, look and listen, talk Bahasa to a local and learn from their experiences. Finally, number 3 would be to film her beauty, I like to go beyond my “comfort zone” to get the shot! I love to put myself in places and situations that most wouldn’t. Something that Blake and I share closely, our willingness to not question where we go always pays dividends. What I love about here is that nothing is the same, every time you go somewhere different on the island, you can expect some form of change, in either the ocean or the terrain. On one side of the island you have the incredible black sands and on the other the polar opposite with white sand and crystal clear water. There are volcanos, infinite islands, jungles, waterfalls, forests, underwater caves and more. 



No doubt at all then that Bali is the ultimate adventurers paradise!

How long are you spending in and around Bali ?

Jaran –

We’ll for me, the past 10 years in Australia has been consumed by studies, work (running my own company Juchey Productions) and figuring out what it really what it was that I wanted to do with myself. I’d just proposed to my partner Rhianne we were ready to push the boundaries and grow. So I asked her, “want to move to Bali” being the mad chickka that she is, she said “yep” so we sold up and decided that it was time to go for it. We wanted to challenge ourselves and most of all live

Blake –

Well I have a villa on a 3 year lease in which I share with my two dogs and like minded people from all over the world!

At this stage of my life I see myself Frothing here for many years to come

Don’t blame you blake, Why would you want to leave haha



Any interesting stories to share with everyone ?

 Jaran & Blake - Hmm maybe over a Bintang if you stop by haha


Hahaha! Fair enough then we will hold you to that next time we are there

 Tell us about this video, Where was it shot? What was the plan for the day and what are your thoughts on the new LKI Range?


Jaran –

This video was shot in the mid to northern surrounds of the island, we searched the coastline looking for new spots, places to surf/shoot and people to meet. This trip was a last minute decision, as is many of our best trips. We decided the night before to hire a beat up Suzuki ($12 a day) and just drive. There were no plans, we made sure we had the boards, our LKI gear and the camera equipment and just went for it. We scored incredible waves, laughed out heads off and had a ripping time. Best part was, we didn’t have to be anywhere in particular. If we saw something we would stop. We ensured that we went off the main road, we drove through small villages, palm forests, rice fields and lived it.

The LKI gear is epic, the boardies are the perfect fit and have plenty of stretch in them.

The backpacks are  insane, literally held all camera the gear and more!

Great work by LKI a huge thanks and can’t wait to rep and be apart of the live your lifestyle crew.


Sounds like the perfect day to us! Thank you for the time legends,

But I think its time for you guys to hit the barrels and keep on Adventuring.



You can catch Juchey & Blake’s Video and their Instagram channels Below


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