Three days at Girraween | Gareth McGuigan

If you're looking for adventure, there aren't many better places than the granite wonderland that is Girraween National Park. So with a few days free I was finally able to head down to the border to shoot some of the amazing peaks I haven't ticked off my list.


Finishing work midday on Friday I did the 3-4 hour drive to start hiking to the peak of Mt Norman. When the weather turning on us we opted to explore the numerous cracks and caves Mt Norman has to offer. Day one finished with us heading just across the border to Bald Rock National Park to set up camp for the night.


Day two started with a sunrise hike up Bald Rock, Australia's largest granite monolith. Once the sun was up we headed back down for a quick coffee then we were off again hiking along the border trail heading for South Bald Rock, back on Queensland's side in Girraween National Park.

We set up camp at the base of the peak then headed up, exploring this amazing place. The day ended with about five minutes of excellent sunset, which was about all we saw of the sun over the weekend. For this sunset though, we were in the right place at the right time and that's 90 per cent of what it's all about. 👍


Gareth Mcguigan 

Instagram | @gareth_mcguigan  

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