Surfercross 2016

In the 90’s Motocross was booming and being seen on the Main stage in front of millions of people and this is the time legendary Surfers Mike Parsons and Sunny Garcia were introduced to Motocross stars Jeremy Mcgrath, Jeff Emig and “now JGR Team manager” Jeremy Albrecht. Surfercross was born. The surfers loved to moto and the moto guys wished they could surf they rally’d their friends and created what is now Surfercross. The day starts with the surfers drawing their partners name randomly out of a hat. The 1st day is moto and the second day is the surf, and with the combined lowest score of both athletes working as a team you will find out your winner.

This years event was held at Southern California Milestone MX and it was a hot one to say the least. With temps into the triple digits it was true test of the riders endurance and skill. The gate dropped for the first moto and it was a long list of top pros at the front of the pack, riders by the names of Grant Langston, Mike Sleeter, Ivan Tedesco, Jake Wiemer, Blake “Bilko” Williams and David Pingree to name a few. Each lap the teammates have to bump knuckles to give the partner the go ahead for them to take their lap. With 25 riders on the track and a big difference in a ability it gets sketch at times. A Pro moto rider will be jumping a 90ft triple while a rider that has never been the track before is singling each jump. After the dust settled for the day you saw a bunch of battered and bruised surfers with a massive smile on their face and moto guy either happy or mad depending on how fast their surfer was on the track

On Day 2 the roles were switched Top surfers by the names of Sunny Garcia, Mike Parsons, Josh Sleigh, and Ryan Sakal to name a few had the upper hand and were trying to give most of their moto partners last minute surf lessons moments before the heats. Top surfers by the names of Sunny Garcia, Mike Parsons, Josh Sleigh, and Ryan Sakal The Surf takes place about 5 miles south of the famous Lower Trestles surf break at San Onofre state Beach trail 6. The swell gods delivered for the event with some 2-3 ft beach brake waves. The combined scores of the Surfer and Moto rider were used to make a heat total in a proper Surf contest situation. The pro surfers put on a show in the little beach brake nuggets with huge airs and other amazing manuvers you could only see a t a world tour stop but the moto riders were putting on another show with classic goon surfing.

It was a long couple days in the sun with two industry’s sharing a track, ocean and laughs about the events and antics of the last couple days. We would like to thank the entire crew at Surfercross and the loyal sponsors who step up and sponsor this event year after year. To have our SoCal crew to be included in such a 1st class event makes us proud to be apart of the Action Sport world. Surfercross is the type of event we feel is a true expression of what LKI stands for. Living Your Lifestyle is one thing but sharing your lifestyle with equal minded athletes will bring you a whole new meaning of “Live Your Lifestyle”