Summer 2016 Release

Live your lifestyle.

They might be three simple words but to everyone here at LKI, they’ve become the cornerstone of everything we do and have filtered down into our creative & design of our Summer 2016 range.

Our team work hard to consistently produce quality products that people can be proud to wear, but most importantly we encourage each other to get out on the weekend and make the most of this short life we lead.

As a result of this deliberate focus, our summer 2016 range epitomises our brand vision of “live your lifestyle”. Each piece is inspired by memories and experiences as our designers come to work each day with wide smiles etched on their faces, and throw themselves into another day of creating products that represents the very things they’re passionate about.


Remember, it’s all about the good times we make and the mates we share them with.
#liveyourlifestyle 👍🏻

Imagery | Matt Kirby