Shredding Sydney | Vans BMX Pro Cup

LKI-backed BMX athletes Dean Anderson (24) and Josh Dove (13) rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s biggest BMX riders at Manly, Sydney over the weekend, at the Vans BMX Pro Cup. We caught up with the two shredders for their thoughts on a memorable weekend.

Dean Anderson sending it. Photo: Cooper Brownlee


Dean, you finished 11th in the regional qualifier leading into the BMX Pro Cup. You must’ve been stoked on that.
Yeah it was awesome alright. The regional qualifier was all Australian blokes and a few overseas blokes like Ryan Nyquist who hadn’t qualified for the Pro Cup yet. It rained all weekend so we didn’t get to practice much – it just a matter of getting into the bowl and doing your thing.
A lot of the riders stayed up there during the next week but I had to come back to Victoria to work, then I went back up to Sydney on Friday for the comp.

How'd you go?
The comp was nearly cancelled because it rained so much, so that meant I didn’t have hardly any practice compared to some of the others. That was a real bummer because it was such an amazing bowl – one of the best I’ve ever ridden.
I rode qualifying but didn’t make the top 18 who went through to the finals. I was happy with how I rode though, and it was amazing to ride against some of the world’s best riders. I didn’t do any crazy tricks and just flowed it, but in a bowl comp it’s more about style and flowing the bowl rather than throwing huge tricks.

What was the highlight for you?
Just riding with, and getting props from people that I’ve looked up to for the past 10 years, like Nyquist and Dennis Enarson, Sergio Layos… there was a lot of big-name pros there!

Was the crowd into it despite the rain?
Yeah there was about 500 people on the grandstands, good music playing and a good vibe. We’d ride, then it would rain so everyone would chill in the tent eating pizza and stuff, then we’d get another hour of riding in again before it’d start raining again. The rain wrecked it, but it was still a sick event.

What’s the next event you’ve got coming up?
There’s the ACT Jam in Canberra over ANZAC weekend, where there’re three days of jams in different parks around the city. It’s the biggest BMX event in Australia every year and I’m really looking forward to that.

Sweet, good luck with it!
Thanks mate!


Dean Anderson: tabes for the babes. Photo: Cooper Brownlee


Dovey, how was the BMX Pro Cup for you, bud?
It was rainy and windy, but when the pros did come out to ride it was amazing to watch. All my favourite riders were riding the vest bowl I’ve ever seen. Having something like that in Australia was so sick.

I heard you weren’t allowed to ride the comp though – what gives?
I’m 13 and the minimum age to ride was 16. At the start when I found out I wasn’t allowed it was a bummer, but I understand that there’s an age limit for a reason. I can’t wait to compete against the pros one day.

Argh that sucks. What was the highlight for you watching?
There were heaps, but one was when I went up to Dennis Enarson and he said “I know you” and he gave me knuckles! Another time I was in the riders area and I got to meet Corey Bohan. He gave me knuckles and we chatted for a bit. He was exactly the dude I thought he’d be and I was stoked on that because I love the way he rides. Also watching Larry Edgar blasting around the park and going higher than anyone was just insane. Lastly, just seeing all my Aussie mates shredding.

Did you get much inspiration for your riding from being there watching it all go down?
Hell yeah I did! I can’t wait to be apart of something like that! That style of riding is exactly my style and what I love to do. I can't wait to get my chance to ride with them!

Haha awesome. Thanks Dovey!
Thank you!