Pushing the game | Yacht surfing

OK, most people have had a crack at wakeboarding and possibly wake-surfing behind a conventional-sized boat or wakeboat. But how many have had the opportunity to catch the wave of an 80ft super-yacht


Well last week the LKI crew, including athletes Matt Kirby and Cobe France and founder Jason Daniel, hooked up with Wildness and Crystal Blue Yachts for an early-morning session surfing the wake of the beautiful Crystal Blue yacht.


“We hooked up two jetskis to tow myself and Matt into the wave, and Cobe rode behind the LKI/Axis T22 to try and tack on next to it,” Daniel describes. “We were travelling almost twice the speed of a normal wake surf wave at 18-20 knots, so if we fell off the yacht wasn’t stopping; we had to get picked up and pin it straight back to the wave for another go.”


What a way to welcome in summer, hey!