James Hollmer Cross | Surf

Big Wave Surfer, and all round legend from Tasmania Australia James Hollmer Cross is "back in the water" After breaking his leg at Pedra Blanca and having 5 months off, James only had a handful of surfs back from injury before breaking his arm badly at Shipsterns Bluff. This gave him a total of 16 months out of the water. A lifetime for a Waterman like James.

Now back in the water surfing with his friends, James quotes " i feel like i have a new FROTH that i haven't felt since my grommet days, every surf feels amazing and makes me so happy. I appreciate every surf now, even if its junk"

We asked James how their documentary is going he is filming with friends & brother Tyler Hollmer Cross, Mikey Brennan & Marti Paradisis. James reply. "The doco is coming along well now that everyone is healthy and surfing. The doco is about the southern lords, shipsterns, and our pursuit to find the biggest heaviest waves around, its a story of friendship, environment and discovery. It's going to blow minds. It's been years in the making"

What kind of day was it like when these photos were taken by photographer Andy Chisholm? It was a huge low pressure system it washed away the local jetty, throwing solid 10ft slabs. 

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Imagery @andychiza