Endless summer | Hanging with Austin Keen and Alex Hayes

One of the best things about Australia is the fact our summers are so damn long, creating untold opportunities to hang with the world’s best.

Over the weekend we hired out a sweet house at Somerset Dam and invited world champion skim-boarder Austin Keen and social media icon and entertainer Alex Hayes to come and run amuk with pro wakeboard athletes James Windsor, Scotty Wilkings and the LKI crew.

When you’ve got so much talent jammed together and everyone bouncing of each other, didn’t take long for things to escalate. Remember our couch? Well that returned for another round of antics and created no small amount of carnage when Alex and Austin lost control and down a hill getting loose and smashing into a tree. Fortunately both fellas jumped up and brushed themselves off.

Of course a Somerset Dam weekend wouldn’t be complete without some epic sessions on the water, and it was here that Austin, Windsor, Scotty and Alex were ripping. 

“That was one of the highlights of the weekend for me,” reflects LKI founder Jason Daniel. “Watching Austin wakesurf, he’s a machine and just on another level. There aren’t many if any pro wakesurfers in Australia, so to see him in action was mental. Another highlight for me was creating a V wake with the two boats and having six people surfing it at once.”

“The whole weekend was just about bringing good vibes with the crew and creating content that showcases what LKI is all about – living a great, active lifestyle and have good times together.” 'liveyourlifestyle'

Check out the video and pics to get a glimpse into all the radness that went down!

Thanks to these legends. 

Video by Adam Wildman, Tom Lotter & Nick Poole 

Photography by Matt Kirby