Beaver Fleming | Bringing the heat in Aus

2017 has started out pretty mega for skating legend Beaver, after a month-long working holiday in Australia, bringing the heat to a bunch of NSW contests. The California-based shredder tells us what went down.

In early February I flew to Estonia for the Simple Sesson. It was an intense contest but I was so stoked to finish sixth out of a huge field of 68 riders, and won Best Trick with a world first cork indy 720 over the box jump.

To come away with such good results early on had me stoked and I was soon on a plane to Australia, swapping ice, snow and freezing temperatures for 45 degrees, heat and humidity. As soon as I landed in Sydney I went straight to the Monster Skatepark at the Olympic Park, and those guys really looked after me for the entire four weeks I was in Australia. I ran skate camps with them and they gave me a car to drive the whole trip, which made getting around so much easier.

My first contest was the Bato Bay King of Concrete Comp. I ended up winning that, which I was stoked on, as I hadn’t skated a bowl contest in ages. The next day I headed to Ramp Revival at the Mona Vale vert ramp and placed second there and won best trick as well.

After three great comp results I was really feeling the fire, but at that stage I wasn’t in for Bowlarama, which was the whole reason I’d made the trip to Australia in the first place. The list was full but I was trusting that something would work out. Next thing you know I get an email saying a spot at opened up in the contest! I was so pumped – it’s one of the comps all my heroes have ridden and to have the opportunity to ride there was amazing.

I made the finals there and hearing the crowd’s reaction to my lines, tricks and linking everything in one run was awesome. Bowlarama is one of the biggest comps on the planet and to place fifth there and win highest air – about 15ft out of a 10ft bowl – was just amazing.

Here's a clip of Bowlarama and a few antics along the way.

The next two weeks was more focused on hanging out and enjoying life in Australia before the final vert contest at Monster, where I came away with second place, capping off a month of good times.

This was my sixth or seventh time to Australia, but it was my first time without touring with Nitro Circus Live. As such I felt like I had more freedom and accessibility to do things on my own timing, and create a heap of content for my Youtube channel, Skating Beaver. I absolutely plan to come back to Australia, possibly before the end of the year even, but definitely for Bondi Bowlarama in 2018.

Here's a full recap of my trip:

Thanks for reading, guys! See you again soon!