Cobe's Backyard Jam 2016

Kenny Powers would be stoked that Cobe France has come up with a triathlon of real sports, and not just getting good at exercise. After a ripper rookie year on the Junior Pro Tour, Aussie lad Cobe France sat down with LKI and Prowake and came up with a plan to throw all of his favourite sports and Queensland mates into an arvo of shenanigans.

 Saturday the 16th of January was the day that thirteen of Queensland’s best shredders hit the wake on the wakeboards, wake surfers and Cobe’s half pipe. With local riders like Harley, Brad Tuenissen, and cable shedder James Windsor fresh out of this seasons competitions and some extreme sport legends like Jeff Weatherall to keep the pressure on.

Amping up the fun with LKI and Prowake we also had Monster Energy and Burleigh Brewing supplying a bunch of tasty beverages to keep the crowds thirst quenched. Burleigh Brewing supplied a bunch of their Big Head - Aussies first no carb beer for the older crew.


With the format of two passes of three wakeboard tricks, one sixty second wake surf pass and a sixty-second session on the half pipe. To mix it up for those riders who did not rate themselves in one of the events, each rider can sub in a special guest, but this will add 3 points to their total. Points are your place for each event so lowest overall points wins. With awesome.


Wake boarding was first to hit the water and with Cory Tuenissen bringing his Supra SE550 to supply the wake the boys were in for a treat. With our favourite Japanese rider Yuki hitting the water first, plenty of great 3 trick runs were thrown down with Harley taking the win followed by Cobe and Brad Tuenissen. Jeff brought out the crowd pleasers slipping in a massive S-bend into the mix.  



 Wake Surf was up next and in between the surfing action LKI had some of their skate athletes shredding on the half pipe keeping plenty of action pumping with the tunes. With the first 6 riders loaded in the Supra these guys all had a first-hand view of what they had to throw down to come out on top. With a format of one fall, the pressure was and the final scores had Jeff on top

followed by Harley and Brad T. With our best wakeboarders taking the top surfing spots, it is clear that these guys are multi-talented. Maybe the fact that living on the Gold Coast gives some of the best surf breaks for these wakeboarders to spend their spare time on. 

 By the time we got to skate, everyone had plenty of practice on Cobe’s half pipe. Built for tech tricks the crowd had already seen plenty of what was to come. With the Monster and Big Head flowing there was plenty of support from the rowdy punters invited by LKI and ProWake. With a couple of riders choosing to opt in a substitute and add 3 points to their score we saw some awesome skills. While Harley rips on a skateboard he had spent the arvo watching LKIs 9 year old skate boarder Hayley Powell, slipped her into his spot, and ended up taking 5th but adding an extra 3 points. With the home ramp advantage, Cobe took out the skate win with Jeff in second and local skater Ross Pero in 3rd. We did have a couple of standouts with Mike Cotton and Yuki going for broke with some big risky stunts not quite coming off.

 With the competition wrapped up it was time to crank up the festivities and present the Skate deck trophies. With only 1 point between the top 2 spots there the extreme sports legend Jeff Weatherall took out 1st place, with host Cobe in 2nd and Harley in 3rd.

 This was definitely a fast-paced action filled event that everyone was stoked with and there is already talk of this becoming an annual event. Thanks to LKI, Prowake, Monster, Burleigh Brewing and all the helpers that made this an awesome day.

Imagery by Captured Film and Photo. 

Video by Real Media Productions.